Leaves & Trunks

This may be my last post for a few days with the holiday and a ton of things I need to get done because Skyrim has stolen a few days from me. I do however have some extra time to venture out and work on some fresh material.

So for those celebrating, have a good Turkey Day and don’t get trampled in the shopping hoopla. Cheers!

Notes: I started processing this one in the same manner as the previous autumn posts but as I was scrolling through some presets, the black and white version sort of jumped out at me, mainly the light leaves around the dark trunks. So I went with it, but adding a touch of purple toning using the split-tones panel. I then did some selecting burning & dodging in the leaves. I may have overexposed a bit on the foreground leaves.



7 thoughts on “Leaves & Trunks

  1. Thanx for the well wishes, I too, hope you have a great turkey day (this will be my second actually as we also celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving as well as the US…yummm)!

    Hmmm, I’ve been looking at the image for awhile now. I think perhaps the only thing I might have added was some good old burned edges instead of the white border…give it a more rustic feel. Oh well, nice PP for a great image! Say, did I mention I also really like the spacing of the trees (okay, great job at the composition)?

    1. Thanks, David. I see your point about the border. The white may be also taking a little depth away. I messed with it some more and a slight dark vignette & burned edges does seem to work better. Thanks for the suggest!

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