Hanging with the Trolls

In short, yes, I’ve been slack in the posting. Although not posting, I have been trolling, keeping up on everyone’s stuff. Things should slow down in a few days and I plan to back to posting and commenting regularly. I took this one (obviously) under a bridge. It was early in the afternoon, but by setting up in the shade and using a NDF4 @ f22 I was able to get that long exposure effect on the water, giving the image a languid mood. Don’t ask me about the ball on the left. I have no idea.It was just there :). ย This place was about twenty miles past Nowhereville.

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of the holiday season.

13 thoughts on “Hanging with the Trolls

  1. This photo really speaks to me. The color, the symmetry, the way my eye is lead through it and the little surprises are amazing. This may well be one of my favorite photos – top 5. Wow.

  2. That’s such an interesting image. It almost looks like two different images fused together. The water on the left is so different and the ball looks like something from the 1960s hit show ‘The Prisoner’!

  3. When I first saw this image, I thought it was a dyptych. The strong line on the left of the bridge and the startling splash of colour from the ball really separates the two parts of the image. The smoother water under the bridge that you got through the long exposure also contrasts with the less smooth water on the left. It all combines to make a very cool image. And it wouldn’t be nearly as cool without the ball.

  4. I love so many of the elements in this image โ€” the light, the colour, the converging lines, the composition, the red ball!, the reflection of the red ball, the plant life … Excellent image!

  5. This photo is so cool in its abstract quality, Bbrasseaux! I love it. The red ball makes it even more meaningful to me and brings back and old movie I really like titled “The Red Balloon”. You have given the ball life! ๐Ÿ™‚

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