Banana Fire

While I haven’t been productive in online posting, I have been productive on my storage drives lately. The other day I noticed one of my drives was nearly full, a 1TB drive I feel like I installed just the other day. I realized then that I have a problem. I’m a picture hoarder. It’s a good thing they are in digital land and not in prints. Otherwise, my house would probably burst. And the 1TB drive is just what I call my hobby-drive. I have another of family photos, and then another I had to move onto an external storage (1 of 3 external storages). I use to switch between large .jpeg to RAW depending on what I was shooting. RAW was for something I planned to work with on a more tedious level later. Since RAW files ring in at about 25mb a pop, there wasn’t any point of having 25mb snapshots of the kids. Somewhere along the line though, I’ve gone 100% RAW. Then I got into a habit of taking 6-shot brackets on many still subjects in case I wanted an HDR option “one day.” In sum, it’s bit ridiculous, even if storage space has gotten pretty cheap with what seems like exponential jumps in techno-power happening every few weeks.

Since I’m already a bit unproductive every December, I’ve decided to use the month as a maintenance month to get the disks squared away for the upcoming New Year. However, folder exploring does have its perks by rediscovering forgotten photos. The one above comes from some extraordinary and nearly obnoxious flowers I had bought my wife to decorate with. I believe it was during the summer. I’m not entirely sure what kind of flowers they were, but I’m pretty sure the florist had injected kind of enhancer (floral steroids?). They really had some pop, so before they died, I pulled them down in passing and put them in my light box. With such strong color and contrast, I struggled to get the white balance to zero to pure white without blowing out some highlights. In PS, I put a Levels mask on it to curb some of the gray.

6 thoughts on “Banana Fire

  1. Wow – what a stunner! Looks like a dahlia to me; they are rather showy, ‘blousy’ flowers but I love them. I like your description ‘nearly obnoxious flowers’!

  2. I do exactly the same and I think it is about time I to took a wander through folders and clear out the unnecessary. Hopefully I will find a hidden gem like this! Very vibrant, very exciting, very stunning.

  3. I’ve been shooting all RAW for a couple of years now and every time I go back in time far enough and discover an image exists only as a JPG, I kick myself for not going RAW earlier. There’s so much more data in a RAW file! Anyway, yes, space is always a problem and backups are so time-consuming. I maintain a 1TB mirror drive for my photo library and I’ve just realised that it’s 99.57% full. Not good.

  4. Fab colours. Hope you have all those photos backed up as well! I’m lucky, the RAW files from my humble Nikon D40 only weigh in at 5MB each and my camera can’t do automatic exposure bracketing (a blessing in disguise!).

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