Elves of Mischief

A few years ago an elf, Moxie Mayhem, dropped off at the doorstep with orders from Santa Claus to watch over daughter and report any observed naughty behavior. But Moxie turned out to be the naughty one, always conducting mischievous acts in the dead of night. In the past, Moxie has vandalized bathrooms, played drinking games with Barbie dolls, decorated the tree with undergarments, dumped flour over the kitchen table to make “snow angels,” harassed the cats with bows and many other mischievous acts. His finale last year was stealing the car for a late night fast food run, and then drove the car onto the lawn and into the flowerbed. When our doorbell rung mysteriously last night, we were surprised with (unfortunately) two more elves, assigned to watch over the twins—Sizzles and JuJu. As you can see, it didn’t take the elves long to get going. Two more elves? It’s going to be a long holiday season.

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