Cypress Trunks

Came across this one in my rejected photos queue in Lightroom. I’m not entirely sure why I kicked it out originally. The original white balance was out of whack, but many times I forget how easily that issue can be resolved when working with RAW. Because I really enjoy processing, I often handicap my camera to not make any decisions. The consequence though can be soft, uninspiring photos at the point of download and the need for multiple adjustments to get going. All those decisions I don’t let the camera make then need to be made. Therefore, many times I delete something without giving it a chance. For this one, I liked the DOF but the amount of blurred foreground was too much. I cropped it wide, giving it somewhat a swimmer’s point of view. I then made some big adjustments in white balance, lowered the exposure and desaturated it a bit. The photo was taken near Lake Caddo in Shreveport, La. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

11 thoughts on “Cypress Trunks

  1. I enjoy processing as well, but I do not enjoy people telling me that it “just isn’t a real ‘picture'” when I have had some fun with my editing software. I am not a purist, I am an artist.
    And I find this photo so striking. The rich green with the luscious browns, the dof, the post processing – it is just brilliant.

  2. I read once that when your shooting forests it’s best to not have the point where the trees hit the ground in the shot, but I think it looks amazing in this picture. The use of focus is great too, it looks like an awesome and mysterious place to be, and the desaturated look makes it seem so calm. This picture makes me want to be there!

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