Rural Rest Stop

Frequently, when looking for some new material, I simply hop in the car and drive aimlessly and without the GPS (although I keep it nearby). I enjoy traveling the rural roads, the ones that move with land rather than dicing through in boring directions. Often, these trips garner little fruit, but every now and then, you come across something inexplicable, such as in the photograph above. Off the side of the road was this semi circle of toilets. Near the edge of the road were two trees with a toilet between them, and a makeshift sign nailed to the tree that read “Redneck Rest Area.” I’m guessing this is a community project or someone has some serious issues with keeping a working toilet.

This was near a town called Ringgold that takes maybe two minutes to pass through from start to finish. Obviously, the town has a good humor and later I came across another sign on the outskirts that read “Ringgold Wildlife Park, Next Right.” I’m thinking, cool, a wildlife park…didn’t know there was one out this way. The “next right” turned out to be a gravel road. I drove down the road about a mile when it quickly came to an end. Pinned to another tree was a sign reading “Welcome to the Ringgold Wildlife Park.” Well played, Ringgold, well played.

15 thoughts on “Rural Rest Stop

    1. Thanks, Steve, and for dropping by the blog. I had some time today to browse through your wildflower blog. Very inspirational. Flowers are amazing subjects, but I nearly do not photograph them much or rather, haven’t worked out many I’ve been happy with. I looked over some of your techniques and am definitely going to keep them in mind. I come across many wildflowers in my wanderings.

  1. What came to mind is “Tarzan and the Toilet Graveyard”. All that valuable ivory porcelain just waiting to be carried off. 🙂

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