Waiting on Pelicans

So I’m done licking my wounds from that horrible LSU showing in the championship. Oy. Oy. Oy. Oh well.

Somewhat related to thwarted expectations is the above photograph. This time of the year, pelicans of many species flock all over our waterways. Fifty to sixty floating around like a small white island is not unusual. But as you can see, no pelicans here. The afternoon before I took this photograph, they were all over this area of the Red River. I then planned to leave out early before dawn and catch them. The temperature was around 36F. I hung out long enough to finish my coffee and grab 3-4 long exposures of the fog in the river bend, and then honestly, forgot about them. I saw the pelicans again around lunchtime while out running errands, and then figured perhaps they were late risers and would catch them in the evening. No dice and haven’t seen a pelican since. I was surprised by how those few photos came out given my lackadaisical disposition at the time. A nice consolation. The original was a 3:2 ratio shot in portrait orientation. When I had zoomed in on the photo to check the noise levels, I liked how it was framed in the viewer, giving it a “fatter” ratio in line with 8×10 portrait (however that converts). So I went ahead and cropped it in a similar manner.  This was an 8s exposure, f11, 100 iso, 24mm. In Lightroom, I tweaked the white balance a bit to take out some blue, noise reduction, and then lowered the contrast a tad (from the default RAW setting).

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