Never the Same River Twice

Another twillight/sunset photograph from the river of which I’m obviously on a kick about recently. The river works for me in several ways. For starters, Red River is really close and accessible so if I’m short on time or lighting conditions, I can be on the river grounds in minutes. Secondly, this year I want to work out collections or work in “projects,” Last, but most important, I find the river to be great training grounds. Heraclitus, while using the phrase as more of cosmological metaphor, wrote that one cannot step in the same river twice. On the subject of rivers, it overlays quite literally as everything flows and nothing stands still. From the wildlife to the river levels to the foliage to the water color, it’s photography of mutability. This stretch of the Red River harbors a bit more diversity than usual though. In the 19th century, this area of the river was inaccessible due a tremendous log jam. Because of the jam, water had been diverted to many areas, playing a role in the formation of many of the swamps and small shallow lakes around the main channel of the river. With the central channel cleared, those areas still exist but undergo extreme shifts. In the spring, ice melts swell the rivers and fill the old lowlands and oxbow lakes and then our scorching summers run them nearly dry. In addition to these natural changes, the river runs through two small cities so there are also opportunities to photograph juxtapositions of modernity with nature.

Here is a link to a running set I have on Flickr of photos taken on the Red or its nearby grounds if interested in more.


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