Bridge Silhouette

Pictured above is Jimmy Davis Bridge, a steel truss bridge I cross at least twice a day. At least on one of those commutes each day, it’s a bumper to bumper, stop & go grind over the bridge. I was happy to hear that in 2009, the bridge was deemed structurally deficient. The paint is peeling, which is likely lead-based because of its age, and falls to the river—about 800 meters from the area where the guy had been banished for balancing  small rocks on the riverbank (detrimental to the environment, of course). So it goes. Cynicism aside, it’s a cool old bridge whose structure always makes think of Imperial Walkers for some reason.

This was a hard earned photograph. I took it about 45 minutes before the sunset photographs in my previous post. To kill some time, I ducked into a wooded trail that led to the riverbank after about a hundred meters. The sun was right behind the bridge so I decided to go after a silhouette photograph. Along the bank, an easy path started but continued to steepen and narrow until I was stepping stone to stone to move along. It was slow going, especially when the rocky bank became interwoven with vines and tree roots. Once I arrived at an ample spot, and had set up, the reality that it would be dark in 30 minutes settled upon me. I hadn’t really packed for an after dark stroll on a rocky narrow bank along a deep river with strong current. I snapped a few and headed back.

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