LA Cakery

A friend of ours started up a boutique cakery (LA Cakery). She’s incredibly talented, a true artist in the sugary medium. So we cut a deal. I would shoot some of her work for marketing in exchange for cakes & cupcakes for the kids’ birthday parties. And with 3 little girls, bedazzled cupcakes are in high demand. These photos were from a set for Valentine’s Day. . This is my first hand at foodie / product photography. I was happy with many but emphasized light more than arrangement, but already have some better ideas stirring for the next go round. Cheers as the weekend nears

7 thoughts on “LA Cakery

  1. i´ve always found food to be the most difficult in product photography but these look mouth-watering Brandon, so your friend has got the best of the deal,well done!

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