Swamp Flower

I came across this wildflower around a swamp a few weeks ago. I don’t work with flowers nearly enough, and I’m not sure why. They never lack in photogenic appeal. While SOOC photographs of flowers always yield stellar results, I find they lend themselves to so many other alternate styles as easy.

This one was mostly processed in Lightroom. The original is a yellow flower, and with the shallow DOF, the background bokeh was yellow/green from similar flowers directly behind. I then dropped the saturation all the way (-100) and then applied a split tone of yellow/greenish (Hue 65 in highlights) and gray (Hue 0 in shadows), and then biased the balance to +70. To give it the foggish finish in some areas, I applied a contrast mask in PS and flattened the image by lowering the contrast. I then masked select areas of the original area back through the contrast mask.

For some lagniappe, I came across this post by Thomas Koidhis of the website Let’s Be Wild. The auroras are high (ok, maybe on top) on my list for both experiencing and photographing. Thomas has captured them here in a marvelous manner, and his accompanying prose to the photographs is well worth reading.

4 thoughts on “Swamp Flower

  1. Nice soft tones in this portrait of a flower. I have to say, you stumped me with “lagniappe’ – had to look that one up. I did follow the link and I agree that the auroras are something I’d like to shoot. I remember seeing them as a kid back in Northern Ontario. I figured living here in Edmonton, I’d get to see them again, but unfortunately no luck.

  2. Now this one is my favorite! Awesome. 🙂 Loved the DoF, the color tones, and of course the flower! 🙂

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