Somewhat Vintage

Anyone who has followed my postings here knows I dig vintage emulations, particularly of the “cross-processed” type. Vintage emulations via digital processing are having a strong moment, a likely result from all the cool phone camera apps. Some of them do surprisingly well, but I really don’t have a goal in fully replicating a Lomo, Brownie, etc. In effect, I like the toning those old cameras intentionally or unintentionally rendered.  So when I want to process something alternatively, there isn’t a specific vintage camera in mind, but rather a few techniques to achieve a range of tones that are similar. My favorite techniques are tweaking the RGB channels with a Curves mask, subduing contrasts with the Brightness/Contrast mask, and quieting colors with a Color Balance mask (although the Vibrancy slider in Lightroom is also excellent). Color eFEX Pro has some pretty boss cross-processing filters as well, but they are global filters with just a “strength” slider.

I’ve been looking for vintage gas pumps lately. The above pump is not what I had in mind, but they were old enough to work with. The price per gallon still set on the pump was $0.99 USD, and sadly that was maybe ten years ago ($3.55 at the pump yesterday, sigh). With that price, I’m guessing this old country store, Wiggins, has been closed for quite some time and was surprised to not see any major vandalism.

8 thoughts on “Somewhat Vintage

  1. I love the vintage look, but haven’t really managed to pull it off myself. I’ll give some of those suggestions a try though. Great photo also Brandon!

      1. Textures can be fun! Remember when doing a texture layer, you don’t have to have the texture cover everything! I have often masked out part, some or all of the subject. An example is on my No Moment Was Made to Last image. I removed the texture from the part of the leaf that was in focus. It seemed to make the image more powerful without the texture there…my two cents! 😀

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