Gray Days

We’ve had a great run this winter of being cold and flu free, and all the other wonderful goodies young kids pick up. But this week a nasty virus has swept through, knocking down my posting time (and I use the term winter lightly here as we may have had only 1 or 2 days with frost thus far). So for those whose posts I’ve been missing, I’ll catch up in the next few days.

I pulled the above from the archives, a heron standing with what seems like a bit of indifference. I loved how all the lines and angles were coming together around this bird, but it was FAR away. It was late on a windy, chilly evening and I had to use every bit of my 300mm zoom (and with cropped censor that’s around what, 450mm?) to get there. While not as sharp as I would like with the diffraction, I enjoyed the luck of having the bird pose.

7 thoughts on “Gray Days

  1. Well composed and looks great in monochrome. The lines from the wood forms on the concrete add to the lovely intersection of lines punctuated by the curves of the heron. Glad you could pull this out of your archives and share.

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