Fate of Decay

This is my 292th post. This is my first photo-texture post. It’s one of those things always in the “to do” queue, and am without an honest reason for not doing so. I was a photoshopper long before I ever picked up a camera, and use to mess around with digital art, usually with textures and collage type-stuff. That type of stuff actually led me into exploring photography. For whatever reason, I’ve never stretched the technique over any photos. David suggested on one of my recent photos that an added texture might had been a nice touch, and then provided me with a helpful tip on incorporating a texture. Thanks, David 😉 Click here to see one of David’s textures. 

I browsed through my archives for a candidate and settled on the above. This is catcher’s chest protector found in an abandoned high school gymnasium with the decay providing some preliminary texture. I blended it with a photo of a scratched up Plexiglas window, and then per David’s suggestion, masked parts of the texture back out on the main focal area.

13 thoughts on “Fate of Decay

      1. That is a very good idea and definitely one to add to my ‘to do’ list. I’m trying to catch up on my other photos at the moment and I’ve been sucked in by Skyrim (a Christmas present), not to mention trying to learn French, so it’s just a matter of finding the time.

  1. Great effect!!! Toning down the saturation really adds to the image as well as the texture. I too was a Photoshopper before a photographer but I think I’ve fallen a little behind with my Photoshop skills. I can learn a thing or two from you!

  2. Textures are definitely a ‘must-have’ in the toolbox. I’ve done a fair bit of stuff with textures and think it’s well worth the effort. The trick is getting the right texture for the subject. I also like combining multiple textures and applying them to different areas of an image or just using them in layers to create new textures. Sometimes they’re good for creating an aged look like what you’ve done here, but they’re also good for creating images with a more painted look. Canvas and linen textures are especially good for that sort of look.

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