♫ Sigh No More ♪

Another textured photo, but a step or two more elaborate. I am able to make one note so far—if you are into vintage styling, then applying textures is a natural fit. Not so much as emulating a distressed effect, but allowing an exploration in distress.  The original image was taken at my father-in-law’s horse farm. These are not his horses, but belong to a neighbor. It was midsummer on a scorching afternoon, hence the colt covered with gnats. Horses are never lacking in somber expressions. Working with textures has also breathed life into some of the purgatorial photos on my disk, photos I have flagged as “likes” but haven’t found a satisfying way of closing them out, such as the one above.

The above has three textures applied. On top is a fogged glass which primarily flattened the contrast, blurred areas, and filtered the dark tonal areas to more blue/green. The second layer is from a linen cloth, and the last is a scratched film, adding the few distressed lines to the right. And post title stolen from the Mumford and Son’s album, of the same title.

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