Never seen it like this

Above is my jellicle cat, my ten year old cat who discovers the world new again each day, and who will still jump out of her skin when her own tail touches her. Here, like many mornings, she is watching dust motes in light beams from the blinded windows. Many other cats I have owned go through their kitten days quickly and then turn into essentially throw pillows, lounging out for most of the day. We have another black cat that sleeps near the food bowls to cut down on the commute for the 1-2 hours she is awake. Not so much with the above cat that has been frozen in kittenhood.

This is another textured photograph but with a slight twist. The sun flare stems from the original. I cross-processed the photo and then added a “bokeh” layer from some Christmas lights. I masked a great deal of the bokeh out, with the only noticeable parts around the nose and top-right ear of the cat. Then I applied a texture and applied a gradient mask to make it heavier in the top-left.

6 thoughts on “Never seen it like this

  1. your precious little kitty looks like my Sylvester, he’s 11 & still jumps with freight at his tail haha
    adorable cat portait

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