Possibly abandoned

Above is an abandoned house I came across a week or so ago. Given the state of decay, especially on the other side, and few items around the area, I would think it has been sitting for about twenty years. I did not explore the inside, however. I’ve lost a bit of my nerve. A while back I ventured into to an “abandoned” house that was in a worst state of decay and upkeep than the pictured above only to realize it was not at all abandoned. And the inhabitants weren’t squatters or hobos, it was the owners. So yeah, all a bit awkward.

A few minutes after taking this picture, the local po po (deep south for police) stopped and asked me the classic “Whatcha’ taking pictures of?” —-as they stand next to you and look out to the same place the lens is pointing.

17 thoughts on “Possibly abandoned

  1. Great shot. I like the low angle and the use of tree/bush in the framing – it gives a surreptitious feeling to the photo. I would never have the nerve to wander into an abandoned house (at least not alone) – I’m far too craven!

    1. Thanks, Stevie. Abandoned homes are in scores in the rural area around here, and are all mostly wide open. Now I just know that what seems abandoned on the outside doesn’t always reflect the inside 🙂

  2. Beautiful composition, but definitely an uncomfortable moment. What do they say, the artist must suffer for their art. I guess taking a few photos of the local po po and their vehicle was out of the question.

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