Nosing Around

Horses remain one of my top subjects. Most often I enjoy capturing their expressions as they are always emotionally charged (they also sit still and don’t offer up goofy expressions when the lens is pointed at them—unlike children, or specifically, my children). While I was shooting these horses, I decided to exclude the eyes to try something new. I felt this image in post was a good candidate for a texture application, something I would like to work with at least once a week (Texture Thursdays?). But once I got the toning where I wanted, I was really satisfied with the photo, especially with how the bokeh gave the horse in the background a painterly feel. I went ahead and applied the texture anyway, placing it on radial gradient mask to give it more uniformity with the DOF. Then I couldn’t make up my mind which one I preferred so I decided to post both? So…which one?

10 thoughts on “Nosing Around

  1. Hmmm, I think I like the first image simply because the texture is drawing my attention away from the awesomeness of the subject in the second. Perhaps lowering the opacity of the textured layer to lessen the distraction? My post today has a linen texture where I lowered the opacity a ton, barely visible but enough for the brain to register that little extra something (of course, I masked out most of the texture on the subject). I love the idea of Texture Thursday, I’ll be game if you decide to move forward… 😀

  2. I prefer the first image as I like the balance between the horse in the foreground and the one in the background – there’s more depth to the image and it is very pleasing and relaxing on the eye. The second image brings the horse in the background to the same level as the foreground horse resulting in a slightly flatter – and busier – image I think.

    In any case, I love the composition and rich colours. Really beautiful.

  3. I like the first for pretty much the same reason as David. The texture distracts just a little too much for me. I see its potential though if it were less prominent.

  4. Both look good, but I actually think I prefer the first image. I think in this instance the texture is a little distracting and makes the horse in the foreground appear a little too ‘sharp’. As other posters suggest above, perhaps a lowering of the opacity?

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