Shady Retirement

Old farm cart found under a tree in the corner of a field. I haven’t done any HDR stuff lately, and this is the kind of subject I like to use the tone-mapping side of the technique. Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.

9 thoughts on “Shady Retirement

  1. Very cool shot Brandon, i like the way the sunlight plays on the cart.I´m finding more and more,Tonal-Mapping does a great job on a single image (i´m assuming it´s a single image) Was that done with Photomatix or CEP´s Tonal contrast filter? You´re lucky to live in a place with so much photographic material close to you!

  2. Thanks, Adrian. This was a 3 exposure blend (1,0,-1 ev). Since this was in the deep shade, I needed to subdue the contrast and shadows a bit and done in Photomatix. The overall color was done in Lightroom.

  3. Nicely done. I find that a lot of HDR/tone mapped images tend to be heavily over-processed and/or over-saturated, with a very unnatural look to them (like CGI) and often littered with artifacts (eg halos), but this is subtly done and looks good.

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