I usually try to work out a photo post on holidays, celebrations, observances, etc., but was going to pass on Valentine’s. Meh. It’s all a bit arbitrary and contrived, and those are terms borrowed from my wife. For v-day this year, I told my kids they couldn’t have any v-day candy before supper nor could they have any if they did not “make happy plates.” And then I told them I was going to cook them their least liked meal. There was some dissension in the ranks, especially from the oldest. Then I cooked brownie pancakes for supper. Brownie pancakes, you ask? The brownie pancake is chocolate brownie-batter watered down a bit, cooked pancake style on a griddle, and then topped with chocolate syrup rather than traditional pancake syrup. I quickly fell back into favor.

As for the photo, I had a few ideas rolling around with flowers or candy or something, but then decided on risqué.

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