Texture Thursday – Leather Train

Last week, I mentioned a possible “Texture Thursday,” where applying a texture would be a theme. David already answered the call on his post, so here is my texture for today. When I started this one, I was dead set on going with something grungy, urban, industrial, etc. I then decided…why not go the other way?… and make something softer by applying a texture. The main texture used here is a high-res image of some patent leather. The leather alone did not subdue enough, so I used a series of layers on the original to subdue contrasts. Some noise reduction was also done to smooth out areas of rust on the swing-bridge.

6 thoughts on “Texture Thursday – Leather Train

  1. A good textured image always starts with a good image. I like the way you’ve composed this with the train moving into the image. I also like the way the darks in the train really make it pop out from the bridge which seems cloaked in fog. I have to admit that the texture is a bit hard to detect – it’s almost just like a bit of grain in the image.

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