He’s Ready Too

Our winter was a real bust: rainy, overcast, foggy, never really cold but not warm, no snow…just all the miserable parts. But robins are on the roofs and in the yards which always marks the turning point here, and am I looking forward to that season change. With the weather, I haven’t been out taking many pictures. Without a few winter bells and whistles, the subtropics are quite drab in the winter. I snapped a photo of this robin on my roof. It was about 20 minutes before dusk and he/she was staring down the sun as if beckoning.

8 thoughts on “He’s Ready Too

  1. What an exquisite shot, with that stark amber light of the last bands of sunset flare before the blue twilight descends. Glorious and pensive shot, love the atmosphere, the space in the photo- it has a coy, contemplative feel, indeed.Just marvelous!

  2. Our “winter” here on New England has been pretty much the same way. I’ve been seeing robins for most of the winter too. They must have known it something we didn’t.

  3. This is uncanny…I’ve tried to get a shot like this of doves on my roof for a couple years now without success. Same light angle and perspective. Uncanny. I’m afraid now that I’ll never get it. Bravo.

  4. We have had the same kind of weather here, and I agree with you about the state of the environment. Nothing is worse than having a nice day to shoot the landscape, yet everything is grey and brown.

  5. We’ve received more snow in the past week than we have all winter til now. I shovelled the driveway twice last Saturday! I like the minimalist composition here and that nice warm light on the robin’s breast.

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