Texture Thursday – General Store

The above is an abandoned country store I came across one bright morning last weekend, and I knew at the shutter close that I had my specimen for Texture Thursday. I nosed around on the interwebs to discover the Hutchinson family has a long and interesting history in this area. I also found this image of the father’s store that looks circa 1930s. I’m not sure if it is the same store, but the architecture is strongly similar, save for the covered extension on the porch. It’s feasible that over the years, rendition could have been made.

For the last few Texture Thursdays, I had been doing some subtle texture application and selective masking. This week I went with the full blown overlay. And it took a few steps 🙂 The original was shot in a bracket, as it was a brisk cold morning with a cornflower blue and cloudless sky. In Photoshop, I blended a darker exposure (-1ev) with the regular exposure to have the blue in the sky, and ample exposure on the store. I then overlaid the entire image with a canvas texture high-res image, and set the blend layer to Linear Burn. I saved the photo and then exported it to Nik HDR Efex Pro, just the one exposure. One thing I love about HDR efex pro is the ability to do vintage toning and use the different tone-mapping methods. I used “bright textures” and used the vintage tone curve in HDR. This brought out the canvas texture really well, but a bit too much. I like what it did to the sky, but the store was pretty blown out. So I then took version before it was sent to HDR efex, and then stacked it with the HDR efex version in Photoshop, and then masked out the areas that I didn’t like from HDR efex. It was a bunch of steps, but actually didn’t take that long.

11 thoughts on “Texture Thursday – General Store

  1. Great job in PP Brandon, the texture in the sky works rather well! How are you digging Texture Thursdays? I find myself thinking ahead of time what kind of image to use, great idea. 😀

    1. I’m enjoying it. Textures take bit more time and I enjoy “composing” things in post, but…don’t always have the time. So clearing out space once a week really helps.

  2. The texture really comes through primarily on the sky here doesn’t it. The rest of the image is already fairly dense with texture (weathered wood, grass, trees) so the texture is harder to discern there. Either way, I think the texture works well as a nice compliment to the rest of the processing here.

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