Robin II: So Close

On the heels of the last robin post, he/she changed his tune. Just when spring seemed to start emerging, it’s been another row of gray days of not cold, not warm, not much of anything but overcast, mist and quietude. But it is the end of the work week 😉

10 thoughts on “Robin II: So Close

  1. Nice shot here. There are robins *everywhere* here lately and I’ve tried getting a good shot…haven’t managed a decent one let alone a good one like this.

  2. Hi Brandon! Absolutely wonderful shot – both in the photographic sense, and because I was a birder for decades!

    I’ve just subscribed to your blog – I ought to have done so before.

    You probably know that I’ve been having some trouble with my blog – settings changing on their own – but I think (hope) I’m back up and running. Looking forward to seeing more of your shots! Adrian

  3. He looks very…stuck up! “Ahhh, hellllo…why are you taking a picture of me!” 😀 Okay, all kidding aside, great capture Brandon. You know if I tried to capture this little fella he would have flown away and tried to poop on me! 😛

  4. Beautiful composition. The space and balance is well executed. Sigh, robins, ……. well they will be in this part of Ontario eventually.

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