Here is another from yesterday’s nature walk with my twins. This may look posed, but was just good timing. Not shown on the other side of the tree is the other twin, and they were telling knock-knock jokes around the tree. Check that, there were telling ONE knock-knock joke, of which they are currently obsessed. It’s the age, the age where they start games with simple nonsensical rules and repeat 100x. The light was wonderful the whole evening and I liked how she was catching it in the umbrella, putting it back on her face a tad. I quick grew the camera, focused ahead of time, and then just said “Hey.” It was enough to make her stop and look up.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

10 thoughts on “Knock-Knock

  1. I can’t believe how green it is there. It’s been snowing all weekend here. We spent yesterday at the local ski hill for our daughter’s seventh b-day.

    1. Ha! One of my side agendas was that I was investigating the bloom status on some shrubs 😉 They were just stating, and it was 75f (23c) on the day. Crazy how two sides of the continent can be.

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