Texture Thursday – Snapdragon

Well, at least I think it is a snapdragon. My flower vocabulary is shallow, and I have no excuses since my mother has worked in a plant and flower nursery for over twenty-five years. I’m not sure if these flowers have bigger plans for the spring, but they were about the size of a quarter (2.5cm). Spring is definitely coming full on. It seems to be a bit early this year and I think partly because we had such a wet and mild winter. I haven’t worked with flowers much, this being maybe the 5th or 6th flower I’ve posted on the blog. But this year I swore I would set aside some flower time. I had big plans to some gardens this weekend but the weather app is showing black clouds with tiny lightning bolts for the next week. Ugh.

Processing Notes: The texture used in this one is simple linen I’ve used before. Since I’ve really liked this texture, I had made it a “pattern” in Photoshop. I made a pattern layer with it and set it to soft-light blend mode. I then selectively masked out part of the texture on the flower, and dropped the contrast globally.  Cheers.

*EDIT* – Well, the consensus and after a Google look, it seems to be a wild daffodil or narcissus and definitely not any variant of a snapdragon.

15 thoughts on “Texture Thursday – Snapdragon

  1. Personally, I think it’s one of those flowers…ya know, the ones with the..ahhh..yea, those! Okay, so I totally SUCK at identifying almost any flower!

    I really like the linen texture, I’ve used one myself more than once…

  2. Love the texture in this image. I’d like to have more time to play around with textures in Photoshop, but sadly am too busy with work these days, hence missing two months of posting and catching up with other people’s blogs (such as yours). Though I’m now on a whistle stop tour in an attempt to catch up!

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