Triptych: Hobo signs, pottying in nature, and neck biting, oh my!

This post was inspired on what Adrian Harvey posted a few days ago regarding most searched engine terms that lead to your blog. Read it here for his silkworm situation. Every now and then, I browse over these “search engine terms” responsible for bringing traffic to your blog as they are highly entertaining. It’s funny to see what some other users typed into Google in a frenzy to end up at your blog. The terms also aren’t without oddness. My most frequently searched term that brings users here is: hobo signs. I get at least one a day. And if not familiar with the term, hobo signs are little symbols and coded graffiti homeless persons scrawl, etch or chalk around cities for other homeless people. An example would be a symbol for “hostile land owner,” meaning no bedding down in the area. This “hobo sign” traffic stems from ONE photo of a hobo sign I found on a truss bridge nearly two years ago. And recently, there has been an abundance of “pottying in nature.” Mmmkay. This one points to a slew of toilets I found on the side of the road one day, and again, posted ONCE. So then I decided to see what #3 was, and it was “neck biting.” Ok, everyone out the pool on that one. And this triptych of search engine terms accounts for several hundred hits. Just 15 this week on “pottying in nature.”  If I wrote them down as descriptions of the blog, there would be some serious questions over what content I was putting out there. In sum, quite amusing. So the triptych above is an ode to these travelers—my neck biting, hobo signaling, nature potty people. I wonder what will happen with them grouped together now. To boot, I gave them some different versions of the originals and all in sepia to spice it up.  So to the other photobloggers, what is your Top 3?

In other matter, a few posts ago, I noted how I had done some highlight recovery using the LAB mode color space in Photoshop. A few people inquired over some specifics, so I went ahead and published a tutorial regarding the technique on the site, Digital Darkroom Techniques. You can check it out here if interested. 

8 thoughts on “Triptych: Hobo signs, pottying in nature, and neck biting, oh my!

  1. That’s really funny – such a curious collection of search terms! I’ve just had a look at my top 3 and not surprisingly the top two search terms were for particular types of plants but in #3 was ‘photography shapes’. The funniest search term for my blog that I have seen is ‘toad poop’. I couldn’t figure it out at first and then realised it related to a B&W image of a wicker basket that I posted last Summer. I had mentioned that the basket was similar to Mr Toad’s in The Wind in the Willows’ and closed my written section with ‘Poop-poop!’!

  2. I like all three of the images, however, that graveyard of toilets just rocks!

    I looked through my search terms (good job Brandon, I think you are going to make all us bloggers go look now) and sadly, all mine were boring. I do believe the “coolest” search term was: “may this be love or just confusion, born out of frustration. wracked feelings of not being able to make true physical love to the” which is a poem on the back of the Stratocaster Hendrix smashed at the Saville Theater. 😀

  3. Just out of curiousity, I googled “pottying in nature”. Your blog came up as the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th results. I took a look at my search terms and honestly, they’re all a bit dull. They just reflect the content of my blog – especially travel locations.

  4. When I look at the search terms used to find my blog, I am perplexed most of the time: Most do not make sense. So I try the search terms myself and they generally lead me off into a wildly different direction. Hmmmmm….

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