The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play.

A little more than a week ago in the car, my oldest informed me that, “March showers bring April flowers.” I told her that was true, for the most part, especially in this area. It had been sunny and unseasonably warm for a while, however. She then asked, “So we aren’t getting any flowers this year?” I replied with a jokingly “probably not,” and then she said she would wish for rain, and good god has it been raining ever since. Β When I was younger, I really enjoyed the expansive days of early spring rain mainly because I didn’t have much to do but make a soup and read all day. Not so much anymore. With spanning days of rain and young kids cooped up inside, the last thing I get to do is read. Even I wish the Cat in the Hat would show up. But speaking of Dr. Seuss—under heavy rain, tornado watch and all today—I took the oldest to see The Lorax, which was excellent on so many levels. Most of all, the sheer colors in the movie were stunning. They just seem to raise the bar with each release.

The photo was taken from the kitchen while I was watching a “show” from my trio standing on the hearth that ended up really being a practice in stage-diving. The bit of blurred color are some of their backyard toys. Outside, the storm was putting on a weird discoloration so this is pretty much SOOC save for a little noise reduction in Lightroom.


16 thoughts on “The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play.

  1. Actually, that color is really nice…calming even. I’ve been in Seattle for a couple of days and it’s rained non-stop since we got here. I’ll probably end up with some shots like this too πŸ™‚

  2. I love window raindrop shots like this. Love the colours. In Southern England, we used to get days and days of rain – I can even remember a whole month of rain – but in recent years we have had very little rain in comparison. South East England is officially in drought right now. On the other hand, torrential rain and flash flooding is becoming a regular feature during the Summer in some areas.

    1. Thanks, M. There is definitley an ebb and flow. Last year we had the worst drought in 120 years and a month of record heat (and that speaks volumes b/c it’s needs to be really hot to break the already super hot records). And now, we have had one of the wettest winters.

  3. Well Brandon at least you got to shoot something. I love the color of the shot, and I dig the object in the background. I have been sitting here wondering what kind of toys they are.

  4. Well done ! The seasons appear off just about everywhere. Tornado watch, …. I’ll stick to winter storm & flash freeze warnings for this time of the year. Those are dangerous enough. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! With the new wave of overreacting and sensationalism in weather media, about any time a black cloud passes by we are under a “tornado watch,” their favorite speculative warning.

  5. Excellent shot, Brandon, I love pictures like this! The good definition of the rain drops on the glass, and the patterns and colours within them – and that amorphous blue and purple smudge top left really gives something to the composition. Excellent stuff! Adrian

  6. Reblogged this on FATman Photos and commented:
    I have a great liking for simple, Minimalist images – ones that make less look like its a lot more. And here is a delightfully simple shot from Brandon Brasseaux, of rain on a window.

    What do I like about it? Well, the absolutely beautiful and uplifting pale blues, and the sharply defined raindrops with their lovely internal patterns and shades. And, last of all, that great, amorphous smudge of blue and purple, top left – that really adds a lot to the shot! Overall? Overall, this picture is light, beautiful and spiritually uplifting. Good stuff, Brandon! FATman

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