Girls will be Boys

As mentioned in the previous post, it’s been rain, rain, rain. Finally the sun broke and it has been quite warm if that’s not obvious enough from the photo above. The yard was still a bit floody and the girls were beating at the backdoor to go outside and play. My parental kneejerk answer to that request was a flat NO, but then childhood recollections came in of the fun in the puddles storms had left behind. And besides, they were girls, it wasn’t like I was going to need to hose them down before they came in like I had to endure so many times as a child. I figured they would merely get their feet a bit muddy playing chase or something. So I let them out, and went about sifting through some mail. About ten minutes later I went to the window to check on them and found them doing about every messy thing you can do in the mud short of a belly slide (which one of them actually did later). Turns out, I did end up with some boys anyway. But they are a hard mix because if they could have, they would have been out there with tiaras and lacy, frilly dress-up clothes. In fact, one of them refused to wear shorts, demanding she needed to wear a skirt because shorts were “for boys.”

27 thoughts on “Girls will be Boys

      1. A good way to look at it ๐Ÿ™‚ It took me a while to learn that grass torn up from kids playing is much better than grass which is pretty to look it — it’s one sign of a fun home.

  1. I’m not looking forward to the day my daughter outgrows this kind of fun. At 7, I fear it will be all too soon as I already see the girly part of my little girl taking over ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My youngest is 11 and still loves to attack puddles! What a fabulous post, really brought a huge smile to my face. A couple of things, love love love the one of her jumping, however, the best is the smiley face on the leg which REALLY says it all! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Brandon, that top shot in particular is truly exceptional. It captures the spirit and playfulness of girls perfectly plus it helps show how little girls like getting dirty too. This is easily a publishable image in my view not only for the quality of the image, but also for the content. Submit it to a stock agency dude.

    My youngest would be totally into this kind of play – she has never cared about getting dirty. Her older sister though, from when she was about 2 was always the clean one.

  4. I agree with Mike definately stock material.For me stock photography pays-very little for a whole lot of work but thatยดs not a reason to not do it!

    1. Thanks, Adrian. Good point about stock. I buy/work with stock often for my company and so often I come across lightboxes that are nothing but cliche and half-hearted. Sadly though, from working with customers…the love that stuff :(.

  5. beautiful photographs Brandon ! the content, the colors, the look and feel, all of them are excellent and most importantly, it has a universal appeal !

  6. Excellent sequence. What came to mind was a line from e. e cummings.
    “spring when the world is mud-
    luscious ……….”

  7. These shots are fantastic Brandon. The the amount of fun displayed in these photos almost makes me want to puddle jump myself. That midair shot is stellar.

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