Beside the Tree

This one is from the same grove as yesterday’s post.  I’ve been amazed by how fast spring has rolled in this year. I’ve watched some fields go from brown to green in a week. Much credit goes to the warm, wet winter. The same winter also gets credit for the exorbitant amount of mosquitoes that were bent on not letting even a little bug spray get in their way of trying to get my blood.  I framed this one up to give a sense of sitting by a tree on a warm (and mosquito-less) afternoon. This one is pretty much SOOC save for a crop to a 5:4 ratio from 3:2. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

8 thoughts on “Beside the Tree

  1. The sun has got it’s hat on here this morning too, I’m hoping for a couple of hours out and about but I might snatch a couple of minutes to sit underneath a tree just like this. Lovely shot. 🙂

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