Texture Thursday – The Escape

One from another place I probably shouldn’t have been. I took this one while exploring a block of abandoned buildings with some friends a while back. We were moving in and out of places pretty hastily and taking tons of photographs so it all sort of ran together. I’m thinking this was a back staircase to an old Nunn Bush shoe store. A blanket rule for me when exploring old and abandoned stuff is to “never go up.” I made an exception here as (despite the image), these were some hefty sturdy stairs. To the left of the photo was an open story area of which did not look heft or sturdy at all so this was as far up as I went. I wanted to work with a more “grunge” texture this week and this one seemed to fit the bill. Again, I used a texture from Shadowhouse Creations from the latest grunge set he released. Cheers.

9 thoughts on “Texture Thursday – The Escape

  1. This looks like a place I would have enjoyed many moons ago. I must be getting old, I wouldn’t even dream of going there now. 😦
    Billiant photo. 🙂

  2. Great photo and the texture is great,if you got any ideas on textures-i´d love some insight, and Brandon tread carefully-this looks dangerous-no amount of photo´s are worth a broken leg!

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