Dandelion Reprise

Texture Thursday derailed me for a minute, but I’m back to the dandelion. I recently bought a set of the acclaimed Kenko extension tubes brought to my attention by Mike over at In Search of Style (check out his stunning work with water droplets). I’ve been wanting to get into macro but have been dragging my feet about forking out the dough for a dedicated macro lens. So I went with the Kenkos to get my feet wet and I have absolutely loved them. I’m extra glad I went with the Kenkos as I quickly learned macro photography is a different animal, chock-full of its own nuances. DOF is so delicate in macro so these tubes will be valuable in learning the craft. What’s also awesome about macro is that you don’t need to go far to find interesting things to photograph since it opens an eye to a world you never see. It’s been raining for days here. I simply walked out and plucked this guy out a sidewalk crack and placed him on the porch to photograph.

The photograph above is actually a macro panoramic. This is a four stitched panoramic of a dandelion leaf edge.  I used a f4.0 . The actual distance traversed is maybe an inch and a half (~4cm). After stitching, the image was around 11,000 px wide…of a real world inch of dandelion. Of course, I chopped the size down about 70% on exporting from Lightroom. If you click on the image you can see it a bit bigger.  Besides stitching, the pano is pretty much SOOC tone and color wise.

15 thoughts on “Dandelion Reprise

    1. Thanks, Michael. It was an “off the cuff” thing. I took one but then decided I liked a point of the leaf a bit better so pulled the pan lever on the tripod…and well..since I was doing all that….

  1. Great dof. And a macro pano, never would have thought of that. I used to have a set of the Kenko tubes, great accessory for getting up close without an actually macro lens. I did finally spring for a Sigma 150mm Macro though.

    1. Thanks, Jeff. I hadn’t thought of it until that moment either. I took one and then panned the camera over at what I thought to be a better section and then the lightbulb went off. I was skeptical on how PS would perform stitching the blurred areas, but it did its hoodoo-voodoo pretty well.

  2. I love your photo. It’s amazing. I love macro and was so happy to hear about the Kenko tubes. I actually went over to Amazon and purchased them. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Macro pano? I like that idea. I really like this image – nice wide perspective, great detail, nice colours, sharp focus with shallow DOF. Thanks for the link too. Can’t ever get too many referrals! Glad you’re liking the Kenkos. I’ve often considered getting a proper macro lens, but they’re just too much money for the amount I’d use them.

    1. Yeah, the pano idea was a but spontaneous. Once I got down there, there seemed to be so much more to include. Right now, I’m a bit obsessed with it but know that it might fade a bit so the tubes were a good…and surprisingly excellent…substitute. If it doesn’t fade, I’ll get a dedicated.

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