Continuing the rustic & rural series, here is an array of ropes, bridles and a few things I’m unsure about. My father-in-law both trains and competes with horses and this is around his saddling-up and staging area. I’m a fan of muted tones, and with the dust and sun aging, most of these ropes were nice and naturally muted. I could have picked a much better time to photo these as exposure was a bit of a challenge being in the shaded barn with the bright sunlight surrounding.

8 thoughts on “Ropes

  1. This is a fantastic picture! I agree that the muted tones really work well in this photo–they convey the age of the ropes well and lend a certain emotion and mood to the scene. Excellent work!

  2. Nice detail in this shot Brandon. I hear ya on the exposure thing. It can be a pain tricking the camera to see that 18% grey, but then to me, that’s the fun part sometimes.

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