Mixed up with the wrong crowd

In the above, it seems galvanization is making its case for longevity. The out-of-place nail is eaten up with rust.  Only remnants of the original cloth bag from which these nails were carried out from the hardware store with remains.


A bit of a nerve-wracking night tonight as the storm that put tornadoes on the ground in Dallas this afternoon moved into our area early this evening. Storms usually don’t bother me having sat out several hurricanes in my life. But it changes dramatically when you got kids in the house, especially when a ripsnorter of a storm like tonight comes blowing through. Thankfully, no tornadoes spawned. We did take a pretty rough pelting by some hail that was about 2-3cm in diameter.


8 thoughts on “Mixed up with the wrong crowd

  1. I love your photo (and the title you gave it). Hearing about your tornado storming out there reminded me of when I was a kid and we experienced the rage of one. Pretty scary stuff. Glad you got through it all OK. 😀

  2. Hope all goes well with the storm! Its funny though how us Californians would rather have earthquakes than tornadoes or hurricanes any day.

    I’m also really enjoying the rustic photos. I think its because if it weren’t for the camera in our hands, we would overlook these things as being junk. But the camera makes us see the world differently and imagine what it would look like behind the lens.

  3. Glad to hear you guys made it though okay, I absolutely understand the fears when it comes to our kids!

    What an interesting image, love the wisps of material still hanging about. Great find Brandon. 😀

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