Texture Thursday – Say what?

For this Texture Thursday, I decided to try working with a portrait. About 97% of my portrait archives are of my kids. I picked this one as the original had a bit of a motion feel and pretty clean bokeh having been exposed at f2.8 with a zoom lens while chasing the kid. My goals were to implement an obvious texture effect without rendering it too grunge-ish. I sandwiched the original between two textures borrowed from Shadowhouse Creations. One texture brought out most of the film grain style, and then the other brought out the cracks, chiefly in the lower right-corner. For this one, I allowed more of the texture to overflow into the “subject,” but still masked most of the kid’s face through. I think it goes without saying that texture cracks on a kid’s face doesn’t work that well. But I did go back and add some grain via grain filter in Photoshop to help ease the transition. Then I used the line tool to add the streaks to give it bit more of an old slide film emulation.

Hope everyone is having a good week. I know I am as mine just ended and I’m off to a 3-day spring R&R 🙂

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