Texture Thursday – Dandelion #4

My dandelion obsession as of late has me doing the sequence numbering thing so here is #4. These things are incredibly interesting to photograph. I think one of the main reasons is because they are globular with the membrane of that globe (for lack of better word) is paper thin and translucent. However, there is enough texture for the focal plane to latch onto and render a unique depth of field. I photographed some of them at f22 to get the full focus but found larger apertures had a nice soft feel to them. Larger apertures also let you work a bit faster which I found handy since dandelion seeds move with winds you can barely feel yourself. Wanting to retain the softness, I searched out some textures and then remembered Mike Moruzi @ In Search of Style had posted some awesome drum heads for download at the Digital Darkrooms Techniques site here. (Thanks, Mike, these were perfect). The original had a bright green background that was great, but I think I will eventually match it with yesterday’s post for a print so I used a layer mask in PS to get it the more blue to compliment the orange of the previous dandelion. Cheers!

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