Two Stories of Luminance by Red Clover

I’m still pulling together some of the photos I took earlier in the spring. This year I wanted to make sure I captured some red clover as the window to photograph the flower around here is quite narrow. The red clover actually sticks around for a while but we don’t give it a chance.  They don’t usually grow around residential areas with all the soil full of stuff to keep them out. You’ll find them in scores in rural areas but the clover has to get rather tall before bursting out its flowers. By the time that happens, the bush hogs along the highways and tractors in the fields are quick to chop them down.  But what makes them a bit difficult to photograph around here is that the like to grow (or allowed to grow) right on the edge of a highway or in the median on an interstate.

The two posted here were taken within two hours of each other. The first was taken about 10 minutes before sunset in a shaded area, and the latter taken about two hours before sunset in open sun.  Both of these are SOOC save for a crop and the midtones raised a bit with a curve mask. So much depends on light.

I was hoping to get some sprawling roadside photos to share, but the ones I have didn’t turn out the way I envisioned them. It’s also been quite tropical here with always some sort of breeze blowing making these roadside wildflowers a bit of challenge.

10 thoughts on “Two Stories of Luminance by Red Clover

  1. I miss a couple of days and you go and change your theme! I really have to pay more attention. And BTW, I hate you just a little bit for your “earlier this Spring” line up there. Every time we try to startup Spring around here, it snows again. The latest snow fall from last Thursday is just starting to melt. I think this will either be the third or possibly the fourth time the snow has melted this “Spring”. One thing for sure though, there are no flowers yet and there is certainly no green.

    Despite my jealousy, you have some nice shots here. I like the repeating shapes of these flowers on the clean background.

  2. More exception photos as usual Brandon. I like the lighting and the way you isolated one of the flowers more in the first one. I also like the fewer “distractions” as well. The one OOF flower in the BG doesn’t compete with the main flower as it seems the others do in the second photo.

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