Dream in Texture

I believe I have posted a photograph on one of these Victorian houses before. The house on the left has been restored and is a temporary homeless shelter or does services for the homeless. The one on the is the Ogilvie-Wiener House of which a new restoration started two months ago but it seems to have fell through. This is also nicknamed the “True Blood” house as I’ve been told it makes a cameo on the show.

For the processing here, I was going for a perspective of viewing through a dirty window pane by flattening contrasts, converting to a monochrome, and adding a few textures. I took this one this morning while killing time to gain entry into a defunct water works & pumping station that turned out to be a photog treasure trove or at least those who love texture, rust, pipes and all that jazz. I’ll get into the details as I flesh out exposures next week. Cheers.

12 thoughts on “Dream in Texture

  1. Great work on this Brandon, looks like it could have been taken 100 years ago. But you’ve really got me intrigued about the abandoned water works / pumping station. Can’t wait for those images!

  2. Beautiful colour & tone. Creates a very effective mood for the particular subjects. The perspective & angle creates a sense of tension and suspense.

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