Mind Your Minutes

Here is a time clock in the machine shop of the steam pump house. Overall the water works was in service for 106 years. The machine shop was later implemented in 1911 and provided workers with tools for 80 years. It appears the clock finally went kaput right after lunch. This part of wall was painted heavily in a nauseating orange, some hue between brown & orange that was a bit of a distraction, at least for me. I decided I liked the flatter sepia a bit more on this one.

4 thoughts on “Mind Your Minutes

  1. I often feel like time stops right after lunch! Great capture Brandon, sorry I haven’t been around much, I plan on visiting all the usual suspects then come back and go through all the posts I’ve missed…a daunting expedition on my part!!! 😀

  2. I’m surprised about the browni/orange colour scheme. I was picturing something in a pasty green kind of colour like you might find in the factory in Joe Vs. the Volcano.

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