Rate of Flow

“Smash the control images, smash the control machine.”

For whatever reason, when I stumbled upon this control table, the above William Burroughs line popped in head and wouldn’t leave. Of the whole defunct water works, subjects like these were my favorites. Sure the pumps, pipes and furnaces were cool, but the little areas and contraptions that were actually manned really revved up the history. Behind this control were a series of filter tanks they would fill with mainly sand and some charcoal stuff for purification. About three quarters down the filters was some sort of catch that would grab most of the impurities and pump them out to sewer. The guy there told me these were state of the art technology, and at the time they were installed, only about 10% of the nation’s water was filtered with this technique. He said while the water was relatively clean before they started using these filters, the water remained smelly and brown…and for some reason, the citizens didn’t care for it. So with the help of a little civil pressure, the filters were acquired.

This one was processed chiefly in Lightroom with some tone curve tweaks, desaturating a bit, and reducing some contrast.

6 thoughts on “Rate of Flow

  1. Nice, I love seeing images like this and thank you for the background story!

    On a different note, I decided to follow suit and changed my background colour on my blog to a lighter version…I really liked how visually pleasing your lighter background was…thank you for being the Guinea Pig! 😛

    1. Thanks, David. I like it too (until I change my mind again, as usual). I went with it as I posting a series of bright spring photos and the dark gray seemed like it was sapping the photos some.

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