All Systems Go

This is another one from the laboratory, and as noted in the last post, the lab appeared to be built inside a water tank. I’m guessing that is the reason for this apparatus in the middle of the floor, bisecting the room. My favorite element in this one was the spring/coil at the top as it really made me think of old sci-fi movie labs.


So this is likely my last from the water works. I have a few others that I like, but I’d rather make another trip. The light was quite a challenge as there were many windows with full on sun falling into dark areas. Forgetting my filters bag didn’t help a whole lot either. Oh well, have to just make do sometimes. For this one, I couldn’t get away from the glare so I was bracketing many shots. I liked the underexposed version of this one as was able to catch enough of the sun ray without blowing out any anything. In Lightroom I worked the improved recovery to brighten the foreground and backside of the mechanism to even the exposure out some.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

One thought on “All Systems Go

  1. I would love to get into a place like this. The entire series you have posted so far have been excellent Brandon. The hardest part for me when shooting a place like this would be B&W or HDR?

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