Boilus procambarus clarkii

Tis the season for some boiled crawfish or crawdads or mudbugs or swamp lobsters. I do eat them, but will admit, after doing some macro photography on some live ones, it had me rethinking it a bit. But, hey, lobsters are also not attractive shellfish either. Well boiled crawfish taste great albeit a tedious ordeal to peel and the repetition can do a number on the fingers. If you have a hang nail or small cut and haven’t discovered it before, you will definitely find it quickly with the seasoning. My favorite though is all the stuff that is tossed into the boil—corn, potatoes, mushrooms, sausage, onions, garlic, etc.

11 thoughts on “Boilus procambarus clarkii

  1. YUM-MY! Put a pile in front of me and watch them disappear! Just like our Maine lobster, you have to wonder who the hell first thought they looked tasty. And was then brave enough to try them.

    1. Thanks, Jeff. I think your questioned is answered because nobody ate them, and poorer cultures made do. I know that is (was) scenario here with Louisiana cajuns until crawfish eating became more accepted. And now crawfish have become a more costly indulgence. I think I read something that the Maine lobster was similar, similar as that at one time they were “poor man’s” food. That stands pretty true to “cajun cuisine.” I put it in quotes as even the restaurants in Louisiana don’t truly serve authentic cajun food as most people wouldn’t eat it. Or as my grandfather told me: “I busted my ass so I didn’t have to eat that s@#t anymore.”

      1. You are correct about the Maine lobster, in fact they used to serve it to prisoners. Makes me want to go back in time and get thrown in jail 😀

        It’s pretty funny that some of the foods some cultures ate just to survive are now considered delicacies that people will spend big bucks to eat.

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