♫ I’m on a boat! ♪

This was going to be a “Wordless Wednesday” post, but it is 5 minutes until Thursday here and I felt a few words were needed. The first few are—the gator isn’t dead, he’s just laying up. This also stands testament to the rule of not feeding an alligator as they will get lazy and make themselves at home. This photo was taken in a park area where they are well fed and not perturbed over humans and their stuff.


For processing, this was the “turn day into night” white balance trick. The original was taken with a warm white balance but I converted the .raw file to tungsten, and then dropped the exposure down about a step.


9 thoughts on “♫ I’m on a boat! ♪

  1. Yea, everyone wants to feed “their” alligator, right up until someones kid or dog gets eaten. Then it’s “Oh no, I didn’t see that coming.” 😉

    1. Oops, forgot to mention that I really like the processing. I think this definitely works better as a “night time” image. Kind of spooky, as in “that gator seems nice and fat, and by the way, where it the owner of that boat?”, spooky 😀

  2. It’s nice to hear the gators aren’t perturbed by the humans! Are the humans perturbed by the gators or is the defence strategy to feed the gators so much that they’re too fat and slow to chase the humans?

  3. Up here, it is bears. They got rid of the spring bear hunt because the city folk in southern Ontario thought it was bad. The bear population has not gone through any great change in population. However the younger bears have much less fear of humans. They wander into a community where they often have to be shot.
    Beautiful composition. For me it suggests a southern film noir setting.

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