Texture Thursday – The Magic of Youth

It’s definitely that time of year again, that time of year when the only way to make it through the afternoons is the ongoing sprinkler, and as usual, placed under the jumpoline (I use to call it the usual “trampoline,” but my kids call it a jumpoline. I decided since it’s a made up word, jumpoline is the better choice and makes more sense). So with the temp creeping up to around 95 today, out came the sprinkled jumpoline.

My kids are not portrait friendly so I rely often on candid and action shots, and when water is involved, it’s a favorite photo grab time for me. Since these times come in the brightest of light, I usually dial in a 1/500 shutter speed at minimum, and then set to widest aperture possible for the exposure (this one was at f/2.8). With that set, it is pretty easy to catch the sharp water spray. This one was also front lit, so the little rainbow was there by the water but with the texture application, it turned mostly orange there at the bottom. Hope everyone has had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend.

10 thoughts on “Texture Thursday – The Magic of Youth

  1. You kids really are photogenic! I’m always impressed with the photos you make of your kids. This one is no different – great! I like her placement in the frame, her arms in the air, the compositional balance with the spray of water at the bottom. Really nice.

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