Texture Thursday – Outta My Way

How I enjoy these absurd birds. I photographed this guy at a local park  while waiting on kids to make a restroom stop. I was standing next to a low log fence when he jumped right up and bullied his way right past me without any reservations. He continued to not disappoint as he strutted out into a major walkway. He stopped and started fluffing his feathered tale. People quickly gathered with one woman rushing her kids over saying, “Come quick, he’s about to show off his feathers. You gotta see this.” In less than a minute, the peacock was surrounded. Camera phones were brandished. And then nothing. He then started to swell up slightly, and then did nothing. Absolutely nothing. The crowd soon disbanded, a bit crest fallen. I can’t help but think these guys know what they are up to and get a total kick out of the non-show, show.

Processing notes: This was a simple application of a “raised” texture. With the layer on top, I changed it to a blend mode and dropped the opacity to about 70%. I liked the effect, but the texture was a bit bright which led me to a new trick. I selected the texture layer and then inverted the layer, something I hadn’t really thought of before and it worked out here as the inversion of the texture darkened and saturated the image to my liking. I then masked parts of the textured layer away from the head & neck of the bird.

And wow, has this week flown by.

9 thoughts on “Texture Thursday – Outta My Way

  1. They are beautiful birds and they know it. I bet he did that on purpose knowing the reaction it would get 😉

    I like the head shot. Most people would go for the tail, me most likely included.

    1. Yeah, the tail is the goods but I like going for the head and posturing on these birds. They always look extremely seriouss and proud—a funny contrast for me because I find their outfit (tails and coloring) to be a bit ridiculous and flamboyant.

    1. Thanks, Sally. He definitley knew how to work the crowd despite not pulling through for them. He caught a few snacks from some people and didn’t have to do the exhaustive task of fanning that humongous tail out. So street wise as well 😉

  2. Great post for TT, really like the choice on the square format…adds a certain kick to the image if you ask me. 😀 The colour in the peacock is simply wonderful.

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