Searching for a Network

I know you have seen it, at least the PC users out there. The internet goes down or you kid pulls the plug and the little message “searching for a network” pops up in the task bar. I forget which OS version, but there use to be a little flashlight that would be there too, sweeping back and forth ruefully. I always felt a bit sorry for my computer when that happened. Well, I was coming back from taking photos the other evening when I passed this little com tower late into the twilight and that sad little PC message popped in my head and enough to make me pull over and grab this shot.

11 thoughts on “Searching for a Network

  1. That little flashlight still does it’s thing in XP which I continue to stubbornly run. Now the Adobe has released Lightroom 4 without XP support, I may have to seriously consider updating my OS. Maybe I’ll just wait for Windows 8.

    That’s one hell of a gorgeous sky in this image!

  2. Beautiful composition. Colours & silhouette are so eye catching, The stalks of grass seeds in the foreground create a contrast/parallel to the tower. Well done !

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