In remembrance

On vacation so this is a delayed posting as I didn’t want to miss posting on Memorial Day. This is something I put together for a family member on my wife’s side that was killed in action in Italy in 1945. In remembrance, on this day, and all they carried.

14 thoughts on “In remembrance

  1. Just sitting here on the stationary bike thinking about whether I have anything appropriate to post for Memorial Day. I’d never come close to this. Very well done photographically and more importantly a sober reminder to remember and appreciate those who gave everything so we could be alive and free today.

  2. A moving memorial. Also a reminder that Memorial Day isn’t about cook-outs and three day weekends, as an Air Force vet. I thank you for this wonderful tribute to a fallen soldier!

    1. Thanks, Jeff, and you are spot on about the cook-outs. I’m not one usually to get bent out of shape about the loss of focus on holidays, but after getting swamped with “HappY Memorial Day” sales and deals, it began to get under my skin. I’m a USMC vet ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for your comment and share in the right remembrance.

      1. I have to admit that is it has only been over the last few years where I’ve really started to think about the real meaning behind Memorial Day. I think getting older has made me look at things differently. I’ve been getting together with a small group of guys, and their wives, every Memorial Day since the mid 80’s. It didn’t really hit me until this year, when we finally married off the last one of us, what I would have done for these guys.

        And as a vet myself, Thank You for your service.

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