Fresh Eyes

Easing back into things from vacation. Overall the tour-de-force of Florida’s theme parks went well. Only a hand full of irrational toddler meltdowns, but that’s to be expected. All meltdowns ended in well needed naps though. Once I get my feet back under me, I’ll be around to catch up on all the posts. My inbox folder reports that I have about 95 to check out!

About the photo: I was wondering if I would post any theme park photos as I found creativity to a bit difficult at times. By this I mean that many times it was too “easy.” The parks are a well-oiled photo op machine, and I’m convinced that they must consult photographers on landscape and building layouts. In a natural setting, you have to hunt a bit for a good composition, to find that spot for the best composition of a scene. In Disney or Universal, one can just set their camera to a timer and place it about anywhere. For this one, I pulled an idea from Walker Percy who through many writings was concerned about how to “see” a place, how to truly experience an encounter. He exemplified the awe inspiring Grand Canyon and questioned whether one really can see it after being marched down a specific path and placed in a pre-planned vista for tourists. Does the tourist see the same thing as the first explorer? Percy also theorized “stratagems” for seeing and one of them was to take the most beaten path of all and oversee the sightseer as they have become part of the landscape. So I worked out this one. Instead of photographing the famous Disney Castle, why not photograph the 6 year old decked out in “Disneya” garb, and who sees the castle with fresh and wondrous eyes.

12 thoughts on “Fresh Eyes

  1. Nice composition. Totally agree, but I guess there is a nice challenge in trying to find something new or different on the well trodden tourist paths. When I was in Sydney recently I was reluctant to take pictures of the famous opera house because I didn’t believe I could do anything that hadn’t been shot a million times before. In the end I messed around with some partial compositions, which I’m hoping will turn out ok (haven’t looked at them yet!).

  2. Excellent approach to the environment and potential subjects. A theme park is a form of mass media. It is in that sense a constructed reality that is a forerunner of computer games – experiential mass media.

  3. Love your decision to focus on the bright/colourful hair instead of the overshot castle! Shots like this really do show your creativity and photographic skills (not falling to the urge of the normal shot)! πŸ˜€

  4. Excellent image, Brandon – the picture gains so much by having the person as the sharply portrayed subject, and that hairstyle reminds me of one of these very tall and colourful ice creams – a Knickerbocker Glory! Adrian

  5. Great shot Brandon. It is nice to hear that you stepped up to your challenges given the situation you were in. As far as I’m concerned, it keeps your mind sharp.

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