brandon ◙ brasseaux

Another monochrome today and somewhat abstract. What I liked about this one was the interplay in shape and dimension between the 3d sphere (dew) and 2d pentagon (bokeh). The bokeh is from other backlit dew drops. In Lightroom I flattened the contrast a bit, reduced noise to smooth edges, and converted to B&W. Then on the B&W copy I adjusted the white balance to more of a tungsten, rendering the blue hue.

4 thoughts on “Dimension

  1. Very nice. Just downloaded a demo of Lightroom 4. I’ve never used Lightroom before, I normally use the Abode Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw combination before finishing off in PS, but Lightroom is great and more powerful than ACR. I can do most of my photo editing now with just the one tool (although I still need PS for the more complex stuff). I think it might be my next purchase.

    1. Thanks, Stevie. When I first started using Lightroom, it was primarily for workflow replacing my Bridge. Over time I have relied on it more and more and find myself bumping things out to Photoshop significantly reduced. And for the new price, it’s a hard software to beat.

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