Stumbling on sunflowers

brandon ◙ brasseaux

Finally was able to get out with a camera over the weekend. Not counting the week and half on vacation, it has probably been a month. I usually slow it down this time of the year because of the brutality of our summers but so far we’ve been catching a break and even that stuff they call rain has fallen a few times.

I came across a long patch of sunflowers much to my surprise. They were about 10 meters deep and lined the edge of soybean field stretching maybe a half-mile long. This then turned out to be an intermittent pattern for quite some time. It seems I was about a week or two past full-bloom so I definitely made a note on the calendar for next year. A few patches were still dense, but it would have been great to see them all full-on at the same time. Also unfortunate, I was without my wide-angle glass, currently in repair *sigh.* But, had to make some lemonade so I captured what I could with some isolation-style telephoto and a few with my 50mm f1.4. Other than a slight bump in white balance in post, these are pretty SOOC. Enjoy!

brandon ◙ brasseaux
brandon ◙ brasseaux

8 thoughts on “Stumbling on sunflowers

  1. Great shots.
    Sometimes, “less than perfect” is better than “perfect” when it comes to flowers. Cycle of life and all that.

  2. How beautiful and cheerful! Your image – along with some warm sunshine here – has lifted my mood and made me feel Summery! (Hard to believe it’s Midsummer tomorrow and the nights will start slowly drawing in!).

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